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Rated 3 / 5 stars

A Good Start...

it was swell, aside from it sounded like you used a score for the drumroll on the snare, sounded like it, no accusations from me, but it was good, add more dynamics, it was a little repetitive...but if i were you i would disregard everytime i wrote, cause im talentless...

Irishmafiadg responds:

Thanks, I appreciate it, you were honest but not too harsh, I'll remember what u told me next song i write

*+*+(Haunted Manor)+*+* *+*+(Haunted Manor)+*+*

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

No Name Says It All...

honestly I got more of a spy mission feel from it as opposed to a haunted mansion, but I mean what do I know, I've never been in a haunted mansion, but I do spy quite often. Tangents aside I dug this to the bone, keep up the great SEX

Chronamut responds:

oh i will - but sex with other audio musicians is even better than sex with songs :P

this song is a demo tho - I still have to add spooky organs and stuff tho - so I guess for now it can be whatever the hell people want it to be! I meqan, who says that spys cant be spying around in a haunted mansion right?


thanks for the review - as for your vast potential - like I said you have the complexity and the drive - you can form patterns cohesively - its just a matter of steering you in the right direction with better filters and maybe even soundfonts - which is mainly what I use - either that or use fl's existing stuff but filter the SHIT outta it so it no longer sounds the same - the instruments in yours still sound too much like the fl presets - which gives a rather n00bish feel - no offense - ive just listened to billions of songs on here so I've kinda gotten a feel for stuff.

Keep up the good work tho and thanks for the review!